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1512 Riverwood Pt
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Here are some details on the gutters.

Gutter pictures from before new roof w/ notes added for new work.

Img_1432.jpg Retain this approach. This is the front door area.
Img_1434.jpg Retain this approach for the jogs in the downspout. All cornices get full normal gutters around them. (Not like these w/o cornice gutters.)
Img_1436.jpg I don't know how the upper gutter drained.
Img_1440.jpg See next picture for upper right downspout.
Img_1442.jpg Downspout follows just aft of the white cedar.
Img_1448.jpg Lower downspout follows aft of the brick accent.
Img_1473.jpg This gutter needs a splash guard on the right end. Discussed this with Dave Gudgel.
Img_1467.jpg This gutter needs a splash guard on the left end. This is the right side with the same roof drainage issue.